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Stanford University
Xiaoqing Zhu

I was born in Nanjing, China, and attended Nanjing Foreign Language School (NFLS) for middle and high school. I graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing with a B.E. degree in Electronic Engineering. My undergraduate research was with the university's Image Engineering Lab, Institute of Image and Graphics, supervised by Professor Yu-Jin Zhang.

I received the MSEE degree from Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. I continued here with the Ph.D. program, as a member of the Image,Video and Multimedia Systems (IVMS) group, headed by my advisor Professor Bernd Girod. My research topic during the Master's program was on wavelet compression of light fields. My doctoral dissertation research focused on video streaming over wireless ad hoc networks. A brief description of my Ph.D. thesis, "Distributed Rate Allocation for Video Streaming over Wireless Networks", can be found here.

I am currently a Technical Leader at the Chief Technology and Architecture Office (CTAO) at Cisco Systems, Inc. My research interests include distributed resource management for multimedia networks, cloud-based media streaming, real-time interactive multimedia communications, and wireless video networking.